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Prateek Singhi

Art should encompass an exploration of the human condition; that is, what it is to be human.

My desire as an artist is not to over or underestimate the value of art to communicate the soul’s most inward anxieties and exhilaration. For me, the daily highs and lows of life are all part of a complex plan to reveal the illusion of self. The existing paradoxes that exist between life and death are a never-ending enigma that has captured the imagination of many artists, philosophers and academics and many more since the dawn of man. It is from a faith-trust perspective that I attempt to experience the otherness of life and through reasoned emotions try and appreciate the human culture and essence of being. What epitomizes my journey as an artist is the attempt to communicate the human soul in exile and its final hope of redemption of soul.

At heart, I am an expressionist who is not satisfied or fulfilled in rendering the world of nature objectively or realistically. However, I do believe that imagination must intersect through the mind and heart to cause ignition for making provocative art. I sometimes use pop or contrasting titles as a parody to comment on my thirst for the spiritual as well as the superficial and always in pursuit of the sensational and the “New”.

I embrace my Heart & Soul as my basis for understanding the complexity of the human condition allowing me to accept the dichotomy between spiritual and physical reality. And my gift of imagination and will, elevates me on a soul level to create, critique and communicate my experiences. I believe we live in shadow, half seeing this world and only half guessing about the next.

I choose photography as a means for making visible the invisible realities of dreams, the conscious and subconscious experiences we all universally share as human beings. I believe art has an intrinsic, inherent and innate aesthetic order and power capable of unmasking the mystery of what it means to be truly human from within.


  1. Featured in Smart & Better Photography Magazine- 2017
  2. Featured in Arts Illustrated Magazine- 2016.

  3. Spider Black & White Awards- Nominated for Two Categories- 2015.
  4. Grand Prize for Wind Energy Contest Held by The Times Of India 2012

  5. Certificates of Merits for DEAN’S AWARD for the  Best Performance for the year (2006-2008)

  6. Certificate of Merit and Recognition for “Rappelling Photography” From Mr. Girish Mistry (Shari Academy).


  8. Exhibitor’s Award for the PIEA (Photo Imaging Education Association- US 2007 (Exhibition traveled all around the world)

  9. Winner Of FUJI FILM SUPER SIX Photographer Of The Year 2007(held in India)

  10. Ten Prints were selected and the exhibition was held at Chennai, Mumbai, Lucknow, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Cochin. University Top in Photography (2006).

  11. Fest o' comm 2004-First place in Photography.

  12. Fest o' comm 2003 (Nation-wide inter college cultural festival-Symbiosis institute of mass communication (Pune- India) Second place in photography

  13. Certificate of merits for Logo designing, DreamWorks, Painting and Poster Designing Competition for arena multimedia south region.

  14. Letter of Appreciation from The head of Arena Multimedia (2002)